What’s in a meme?

Everyone has seen those funny, inspiration or satirical memes that are shared over the internet. Have you ever wanted to create your own?

While exploring a website (www.socialmedia.examiner.com) for my Social Media class, I found an article entitled 44 Social media tools Recommended by the Pros that had many helpful apps. Three of these tools enabled text over pic editing and I thought I had hit the jackpot, since I have been searching for an app to do this very thing for over a year without any success.   In order to decide which one was best, I decided to test them all myself. Being a beginner, I would be able to see which one was the easiest to use, which had the most bells and whistles and which produced the nicest looking product. I created one photo design with each of them and will describe a bit about each app and show my finished product for each. Then you can judge for yourself what will work best for you.

The first tool was called Pablo. It is not an app, but a free website for “Design engaging images for your social media posts in under 30 seconds” (https://bufferapp.com/pablo#). I did not complete my task quite that quickly my first time around but I think with continued use it would be very quick. It had significant limitations for text design, sizing and layout. It did have the ability to upload your own image which I did and it also has a very limited selection of sample images you can use as well. Just picking my photo took me probably five minutes or so. Trying to edit my text and playing around with layout and size, I easily used another 15 minutes. Pablo has an easy upload feature to share your picture directly with Facebook or Twitter. Another drawback to this product was that I copablo(1)uld not find this as an app for my iPhone.

Here is my design. I wanted my name in the corner as a watermark, but it would not allow me to make it transparent.

The second tool was actually an app called Word Swag. It is optidandelion wordsmized for apple products with no mention of androids. This worked for me since I have an iPhone but I did have to pay $3.99 to purchase the download. It has a lot of exciting graphic design layouts and plenty of blank backgrounds to choose from. The one drawback I found was that I could not adjust font size for individual words or the watermark. It was pretty easy to use and the end product was professional looking.

Lastly, I tried Studio. It is free for apple products and androids. It allowed me to add multiple layers to my photos which allowed me to adjust all who are wearysizes and fonts for any of the words. Once finished though, I was not able to go back and edit it. I think this product gives me the most interesting looking designs and it will probably be my personal favorite.

I am happy that I found these apps for adding text on my pics. If you are aware of any others you use, pass them on to me. Let me know if you like these.

Be Blessed,



One thought on “What’s in a meme?

  1. Oh my goodness! What an informative and fun blog! I have always wondered how people get text on their photos to share on Facebook and Twitter and now I know. Thank you for doing the research. I will try your last suggestion (not to mention it was my favorite, too). I have always loved “come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest”. That is beautiful and true. I enjoyed how you shared the graphics, too. I will learn from you and get more creative for our next blog or play around with mine during some down time. Thanks!


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